Ecoinvent recrute un/une IT project manager

ecoinvent maintains and publishes a database on industrial and other processes and products to allow a detailed assessment of their environmental impacts along the whole supply chain and/or life cycle. ecoinvent has significant and diverse needs for software and code – to support data providers, to handle, analyse and review data internally, and to provide data to the users in various forms. Traditionally ecoinvent has worked with external implementation partners for larger projects and handled only small tasks in-house with.

ecoinvent is now looking to extend and update its software portfolio and we require a dedicated coordinator of existing tools and new developments. Your role will have two major components. First, you will specify, coordinate and supervise external development projects for the several tools ecoinvent maintains, plus new ones in planning and development. Second, you will manage the in-house portfolio of tools and code and you will coordinate and contribute to their development and maintenance. You will have the support of LCA experts with IT experience.

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