Sujet de thèse ACV – Traitement de données

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octobre 1, 2014
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octobre 3, 2014
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Sujet de thèse ACV – Traitement de données

Voici une offre de thèse, pour candidature et diffusion…



The Laboratory of environmental biotechnology (LBE – seeks a PhD candidate (starting start of 2015) in the field of Life Cycle assessment (LCA). The position is hosted in the Elsa group ( where 30 researchers and PhD students are working on LCA) and will be physically on the SupAgro campus, Montpellier, South of France.
This PhD position is a part of GreenAlgoHol project, funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR). The aim of this project is to evaluate the potential of green macro-algae, from biomass cultivation to end-products, as sustainable feedstock for the production of ethanol through glucose fermentation.

In the LCA framework, the Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) allows an assessment of environmental interactions but with several thousands of variables (i.e. environmental flows linked to unitary processes). The life cycle impact assessment (LCIA) allows the interpretation of results by reducing the variable number to a small set of indicators based on environmental impacts or damages. This PhD position will focus on the identification of relevant indicators at the LCIA level to represent the variability of LCI results. The developed approach will be a generic decision support system to make easier accurate environmental assessments based on LCA results and will be illustrated on case studies of the project.

Master degree in process engineering, in chemistry or in environment is mandatory. Skills in LCA, process engineering, modelling, data management, programming language like Matlab and/or statistics are expected. Knowledge of algae and/or bioprocesses is an advantage.

Candidates should send CV and application letter before October 20th to Dr. Arnaud Hélias, Associate professor, Montpellier SupAgro (